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The Marvel Origami Universe was created in 2018 by SuperFolder Noah. He saw it as a way to revitalize SuperFolder Central after watching the site slowly grow dormant. In September of 2018, the MOU launched, with all titles achieving great success.

Since it's launch, the MOU has arguably become the most famous series on the website, even more so than the original titles in the Origami Yoda: Expanded Universe that came before it.

The MOU didn't have the same luxury of pre-established characters like the OYEU did however, and so an entire world of new locations, characters and puppets was created from scratch by SuperFolder Noah and his team. A fictional version of the city of Madison, New York, was chosen as the hometown for many of the MOU's inhabitants. The city also houses the two main schools of the series, Kirby High School (after Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics,) and Wheeler Academy (after Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson of DC Comics.)

Similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phases, the MOU is divided into Folds. There are at least Four Folds either currently completed or in development, with each Fold taking place during the course of one school year.


Fold One (2016-2017)[1]

The first Fold of the MOU consists of seven stories, starting with a prologue titled The Initiative, moving into The Invincible Iron Fold, before building up to the finale, The OrigAvengers. These stories introduce some of the universes most prominent characters and puppets, perhaps most notably Clark Largent, wielder of Iron Fold.

Fold Two (2017-2018)[2]

The second Fold also contains seven stories, beginning with a sequel to Fold One's launch, titled The Imperfect Iron Fold. The stories culminate in The OrigAvengers: Rage of Artron.

Fold Three (2018-2019)[3]

Not only the (first) finale of the entire MOU, Fold Three also contains the most stories - a whopping thirteen tales in total. Fold Three really expanded the mythos of the MOU by allowing more SuperFolders than ever to contribute their own thoughts and ideas into the series. T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds is the longest story on the entire website, and acts as a conclusion for many of the plotlines created over the first two years of the MOU's existence. Even though Infinity Folds is the conclusion, The Return of the Summer Camp Six is the final story in the Fold, which acts as a kind of epilogue.

Fold Four (2019-2020)[4]

The fourth fold of the Marvel Origami saga is currently being developed by SuperFolder Noah, and is set to premiere sometime in the near future.


Also unlike the origami universes that came before it, the MOU introduces the "One Shots" format. These stories, although official MOU canon, contain minor events that fill in the gaps of the main timeline, but do not majorly affect the overall story. This section of the MOU is the most plentiful, with three volumes and a total of 27 stories as of July 2020. This series is what inspired Origami Yoda: Revisited.

Elseworld Tales

Elseworld Tales are standalone stories that do not affect the greater universe at all, similar to titles like DC Comics' Superman: Red Son. A story will be written for this section on occasion, but it is by far the most inactive series of the MOU.

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