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The DC Origami Universe, or DCOU, was created by SuperFolder OrigamiLuke100 as a way to introduce the characters of DC Comics into the world of SuperFolder Central. Very much inspired by the Marvel Origami Universe that came before it, the DCOU was still able to create a wholly new look and feel that captured the attention of the site. The series is entirely set in the city of JuteFruce, excluding Tin Titans, which is set in Iocana, California.

In Jutefruce, California, students from the three high schools of Kane, Lampert, and Donner became inspired by the DC universe to take up puppets. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman become Batfold, Supaperman, and Wonder Folder.

The DCOU currently consists of two Folds, the first culminating with Justice Pleats, and Fold Two is in progress. One-Shots in the DC Origami Universe operate in a similar fashion for the MOU, with thirteen stories in volume one, like Folders of Tomorrow 1 & 2 and Two Fold.